Monday, 17 October 2016

More Aeration on Greens

Following on from the maintenance work carried out in September, which included verti-draining and solid tining, further aeration in the form of micro hollow coring is being carried out on the greens.

This form of aeration (hollow coring), removes 6mm diameter plugs to a depth of 100mm. The coring is carried out to relieve  surface compaction  caused by foot and maintenance traffic. Other benefits of coring include air exchange, improvement to surface drainage and increased root development. Another  benefit is the removal of dead and decaying organic plant material, (thatch) found in the upper profile, which if left unmanaged could cause problems. Organic matter levels in the greens are now down at a healthy level of 5%. More information on this can be found in the current STRI report.
The nature of the small diameter tines causes minimal disruption with large benefits.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Greens Management Notice Board

The winter works programme for the golf course is now available to view on the Greens management notice board which is situated in the link corridor in the clubhouse.
The document outlines winter projects that will be carried out on the golf course, commencing in October and running through to the end of March 2017.

Other pieces of information available to view include monthly course bulletin reports which the Course Manager submits to the board of directors. These bullet reports highlight the work carried out during the current month and the proposed work for the following month. As well as the run of the mill maintenance operations any other unusual operations or occurrences are highlighted eg the recent outbreak of Anthracnose leaf blight on the greens.

The yearly STRI agronomic report is displayed on the noticeboard along with the Chairman of green annual report, which he prepares prior to the AGM.