Monday, 15 February 2016

Catching up with winter projects

The high rainfall over the winter period has delayed winter project works at the golf club, especially work involving earth moving.
The green-staff have been busy over the last couple of weeks now that the soil profile has dried out a little. A 3.5 tonne excavator has been hired in and put to work on the following projects.

The pond in front of the 9th Tee has been re-profiled to allow easier access and maintenance of the surrounding grass land. 
The old 9th winter Tee which was sited at the side of the pond has been removed with the surrounding area re-contoured, again, to allow easier access with mowers. 
Some of the spoil from the Tee area was used to build a base for the last practice Green being constructed on the bottom practice ground.

Re-shaping the ground around the pond

Construction of a 200 sq m base for the last pitching Green

The three fairway bunkers situated on the 1st hole have now been removed and the landing area re-contoured to encourage golfers to target the 1st fairway instead of bailing out onto the 18th hole.

The three bunkers before removal, bland round holes in the ground which did not replicate the original course architects ethos and discouraged golfers from playing down there own fairway. 

Ongoing work

The first area ready for turfing

The hired in excavator was also put to work clearing and tidying our main material dumping ground to the left of the 2nd Green/hole.