Wednesday, 13 January 2016

development of three practice pitching Greens

The main project on the golf course this winter has been the development of three practice pitching Greens on the short practice ground. The project was originally planned to be completed by Christmas but the heavy rainfall this winter has delayed work. At this present time two of the Greens have been completed with the third commencing asap. We have been fortunate that the practice ground is one of the freer draining areas of the course and is situated near to the hard standing of the maintenance building allowing easy access.
All three Greens are designed with different shapes and contours allowing a wide range of practice pitch and chip shots.
Green 1 is relatively long and flat with a few undulations running through it. This will allow long running shots.
Green two is built into a ridge with two bunkers surrounding the Green. The bunkers have been surrounded with polypropylene grass carpet. This will aid easy maintenance and retain original levels following sand splash.
Green three is a target Green for longer pitching up to one hundred yards in length.
Four 4m x 2m high standard polypropylene mats are to be installed allowing various shot lengths to the three Greens. Shorter chip shots will be played from mown out fairway sections immediately surrounding each Green.

Above photo  of Green 1 during construction shows the shaped and consolidated base with the first rootzone layer being added.

One of the bunkers on Green 2, fitted with bunker mat liner and polypropylene grass to collect sand splash and retain levels.