Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Spring maintenance on Greens completed

Following two days of decent dry weather the Spring maintenance work mentioned in the previous post has been successfully completed.

Following a second and lighter sand dressing and a pass with the drag mat the renovation works are now complete. The second dressing helped to cap off the slits created by the seeder and put the seed to bed.

All we need now is some light rain/irrigation, sunshine and a few passes with the vibro-rollers.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Spring maintenance on the Greens

Now that the soil temperatures have warmed up a bit the Greens have had several maintenance operations carried out to them. A two/three day slot at this time of the year is set aside allowing renovation work to be carried out.
The following tasks are carried out to all the Greens:


The Greens are verti-cut which refines the grass sward and controls the build up of organic matter.

Solid tining using 9mm diameter tines to a depth of 75mm

This aeration work allows air exchange, encourages root development, improves surface drainage and provides a good base for the applied sand dressing.

Overseeding with the Vredo disc seeder

The Greens are overseeded using varieties of Chewings Fescue and Slender Creeping Red Fescue. Fescue is one of the desired grass species in a golf green, it helps to improve the consistency of the playing surface over the whole of the year.

Vredo disc seeder

Finally the Greens are dressed using straight dressing sand. This maintenance period is an ideal time to apply a heavy 30 tonne dress. The desired figure for the growing season is between 100 and 120 tonnes. The dressing sand improves the smoothness and trueness of the Green, improves surface drainage and helps to create the desired firm surface over the whole of the year.