Monday, 5 January 2015


The main project carried out over the winter period so far has been the renovation of the 1st Tee. The Tee was originally rectangle in shape and measured 300 square meters in size. It has now been developed into an L shape and measures 460 square meters in size allowing play from it for the whole of the year.

The photographs below show the different stages of development. The renovation included the extension of the Tee to the left by 160 square meters and the construction of a block retaining wall dressed with natural stone.
 The irrigation to the Tee was upgraded with pipework, valve assemblies and eight irrigation heads.
The original Tee base was rotovated, rolled and leveled. Sixty tonnes of new root zone material was added to the extension, which was then rolled and leveled.
The Tee was then turfed using a Bent/Fescue turf.
During the renovation the shrub bed to the side of the Tee has been reshaped and an extra flower bed is to be set in to the base of the stone wall.

 To allow for the Tee extension the two Cherry trees and old shrubs were removed allowing the MGC hedge to become a focal point to the new shrub bed.

The building of the retaining wall which was then dressed with natural stone.

New irrigation being installed with coverage from eight heads.

Old turf stripped from original Tee and the base of the extension prepared for finishing rootzone.

The rootzone being screened to a final level prior to turfing.

Completed work with new turf