Friday, 4 April 2014

Renovation of the 5th Tee

The photograph below shows the completed renovation work to the 5th Tee. The Tee will come into play, initially for competitions and from a mat in about three weeks time. Full use of the Tee will be when the new turf has properly rooted and established itself, probably towards the end of May.

Comments by some members have been made on the timing of the renovation work and the length of time the project took. Working around the course expenditure the main amount of the work was not started until January and the start of the 2014 budget. Further delays occurred due to the wet weather and saturated ground conditions which prevented materials being moved across the site to the Tee. Working with the existing base material and imported root zone in wet conditions would have been counter productive resulting in de-structured soils which would have lead to problems in the future.
The new Tee is now on one platform, 490 square metres in size and at 40m wide will have a wide variance in Tee shot angle from one side to the other.
The work carried out involved the following:
Levelling into one platform and extend 4m to the right hand side.
Installation of a main drain along the rear of the Tee.
Upgrade of the irrigation with new mdpe pipework and irrigation heads.
Rotovation and levelling of the base material with a fall from left to right.
Addition of an improved root zone material levelled to a finish.
Turfing of the Tee with a Fescue/Bent mix sward.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Fairway protection over the winter period

Thank you to all members and visitors who have participated in the compulsory Fairway protection over the winter period. All golf played from within the designated fairway area was played from a 1.5m square artificial mat, two set out per Fairway.
The 6th and 8th holes were protected all winter, several other Fairways were protected on a rotational basis.
The photographs below demonstrate the success of the project, clearly showing the improved grass sward which has been protected this winter in contrast to the unprotected Fairway last year.
Also noticeable is the enhanced turf colour this April, the mild damp winter has produced favourable conditions for grass plant health.

                                                            photo taken April 2014

                                                            photo taken April 2013

Monday, 6 January 2014

Restricted drainage from valley section of the Golf Course

The photograph below shows the cause of the recent flooding problem in the valley section of the golf course.

The recent high tides, high winds, rain and storm conditions have resulted in the double manhole situated on the beach against the sea wall becoming blocked with beach shingle. The tidal surges lifted the two manholes and deposited beach stone into the manhole and the adjacent section of promenade.
The drainage problem was first noticed on the 24th December following heavy rain (40mm) the previous day. Further storm conditions over the Christmas period exaggerated the problem.
The local council are responsible for managing and maintaining the main drain once it exits the golf course. They have assured the club the problem will have their immediate attention now they are all back at work following the Christmas break (6th January).