Saturday, 31 August 2013

Finals Day

A strong North Westerly wind will make conitions difficult for finals day. The usual competition set up has taken place with Greens mown, holes moved and bunkers fully raked. Because of the nature of the day several people are playing both morning and afternoon finals, therefore the holes will be re-cut for the afternoon finalist.
As extra preparation the Greens were double rolled on Friday afternnon.
The golf club is looking into the possibility of investing in a lightweight Greens roller. There are two different options available on the market, both of which have been demonstrated to the club.
The idea behind light weight rolling is to improve the roll of the ball across the surface, eliminating both vertical and horizontal movement from the desired line of putt, producing a truer surface.

The above photo shows one option of Greens rolling, the vibrating roller is an attachment unit for the Greens mower.
The other option available is a single seat self driven ride on roller as opposed to the attachment above.

Update on alterations to Bare Beck outfall

New sea defence taking shape after two weeks of recontouring the rock armour surrounding the outlet of Bare Beck opposite the 4th Tee.

Large slabs of rock have been deposited and shaped on the windward side of the outlet. This rock groin will stop any debris from covering the outlet and preventing drainage from the golf course.

                             Further reshaping of the shore line on the south side of the outlet.

                                            Contractor at work moving the defence stone.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Improvement work starts on Bare Beck oufall.

The planned improvement work to the beach outfall for Bare Beck (the dyke system running through holes 4,5 and 6) has started. Long shore drift has periodically blocked the outfall over the last year resulting in flooding to the golf course.

                                                   The existing outfall.

The first weeks work by the contractor seems to have involved re arranging the existing rock armour around the outlet and along the beach front.
More photo's to follow as the work progresses.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

New bunker rakes.

A new light weight bunker rake is being trialled in several of the bunkers on the course. The rake is becoming very popular on golf courses throughout the north of England. The shorter teeth create less disturbance to depth and allow the raker to pull and push the sand with ease.
Please remember to leave the bunker as you would like to find it and avoid pulling the sand to the rear of the bunker.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Welcome from the greenkeeping team at Morecambe Golf Club.

Welcome to the Greenkeeping and course management information centre. This blog site has been set up to allow the sharing of information regarding agronomy, course management/ presentation and the development of the playing surfaces at Morecambe Golf Club.
Morecambe is an Alistair Mackenzie designed golf course, a maritime parkland with undulating Greens and Fairways.
The blogs will show day to day tasks and also specific posts on management techniques carried out.
For example, the Greens are managed with the aim of promoting and developing a Fescue/ Bent grass sward. All management techniques including mowing, turf refinement, aeration, fertilising, top dressing and water management are aimed at developing the desirable Fescue/Bent sward. These grasses help to produce playing surfaces that are playable for 12 months of the year and are promoted using sustainable practices. 

                                                 Fescue/ Bent sward, 16th Green MGC